• Registration Guidelines
To make it specific, the whole portal has been divided into categories and sub categories for each section, so that only relevant information is sought and shown to the visitors. Let us take an example of Registration, here visitor need to decide 1st, whether he/she wants to register as Seller, Franchisee, Experts, or Professional, before going forward to furnish further details, this is done to serve the business purpose. Those wanting to register their firms/companies may Register in 3 ways .
1- As Franchisee, then Select Category as Contractors then select sub category as Waterproofing or Painting Contractors.
2- As sellers , then select category as Manufacturers / Dealers / Distributors / Retailers of products and then may select the sub category of Waterproofing & construction Chemicals or Painters or Both, they belong to.
3- As experts , then select the category Consultants and sub category as Leakage detection Consultants.
Now Those working in these firms or companies, should register in Industry professionals. Govt organisations also should register in their respective categories and sub categories.
Once their account is created , then they can upload their tenders , projects or other details . By clicking on my profile They can even share their knowledge in the respective field for the benefit of others.
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